Haas driver pairing ‘complement each other’

Date published: January 29 2016 - Editor

Gene Haas believes in Esteban Gutierrez and Romain Grosjean he has a line-up that will "complement each other" as one knows the engine and the other than tracks.

This season will be Haas' first in Formula 1 and already there are a lot of expectations surrounding the team.

Having deferred their entry for a year to give them more time to prepare, up until late last year Haas were exempt from the regulations governing wind tunnel usaged.

Added to that the team will run Ferrari parts, including the suspension and engine, while Dallara have designed the chassis.

However it is the drivers that Haas believes will ensure his new team has a "better package" as they each bring something different to the table.

He told Sports Business Daily: "Gutierrez has been a Ferrari test driver, so he's up to speed with simulators and Ferrari equipment. He has driven some of the Ferrari cars, so he’s going to be a little bit further ahead. 

"Grosjean as a current Formula 1 driver is going to be more familiar with the tracks, requirements and tire strategies. We have none of that knowledge now.

"Most teams will develop a book as they go from race to race, year after year and you look at those notes. We don’t have a notebook, so we have to develop all of that.

"I think that's where Romain will have an advantage, and then Gutiérrez will have the advantage on the equipment side since he’s going to be more familiar with it. Those two guys together will be able to complement each other and give us a better package."

At present Haas do not have a reserve driver on the books but the American team boss says signing one – whether it is an American or not – is not an urgent matter.

He explained: "We don't have a reserve driver at the moment. If we can find a common reserve driver with Ferrari or someone that would probably be the best way to do that.

"With the safety there is today you generally speaking need a reserve driver just for sickness or some other emergency.

"The need for a reserve driver probably isn't as important as you think. We don't typically have reserve drivers in NASCAR either."