Haas duo prepared for USA homecoming


Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are ready to receive a “special” welcome in Austin, Texas as Haas return home for a second time in their short history.

Romain Grosjean: “Austin is always a special one for us. It shows that we’re growing up. We’re going there for the second time in our history, and off the back of eighth- and ninth-place finishes, which is pretty good. The truth of one race is not the truth of the next one. It was a good result for us in Japan, for Gene (Haas) – who was there – it was a very proud moment. I’m proud of all of us, but for Austin we need to focus on what we can do. We need the right setup, get the right tools and just work as we do, normally. It was pretty good in Japan, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be the same in Austin. We need to work hard to make it good. I’ve always loved Austin, but since I’ve been a Haas driver, I love it even more. I haven’t had the chance to have a national grand prix – that’ll come next year in France – but Austin is the one where I get to represent America.”

Kevin Magnussen: “It’s fantastic being on an American team, racing at an American venue. COTA is a really cool track. It’s one of the better new tracks on the F1 calendar. They’ve done a really good job there. “The braking zone for Turn 1 is really uphill, so you can brake really late. You can’t see the apex of the exit, but the track is so wide you can choose different lines. It’s certainly one of the better tracks for overtaking. It always makes for a good show. The city’s just great for going out. There are great restaurants and great places for having fun. Having a Formula One race there is the perfect package for having a good weekend.”