Haas freeze plans to increase staff numbers


Haas team principal Guenther Steiner believes the American outfit have hit a glass ceiling until they learn of Liberty's plans for a budget cap.

Haas have completed their sophomore year in Formula 1 and, although they stayed in eighth spot in the World Constructors' Championship, collected 18 more points than their first-season haul of 29.

As they continue to try and grow as a Formula 1 team, Steiner has said that Haas are now restricted as they don't want to employ new staff only to find they would have to scale back if the budget caps are particularly tight.

"I would not have expected that we are so stable in all areas," Steiner told Auto Motor und Sport.

"Only after the first year are you aware of the level required to put it all together, but we met all of our expectations.

"Before we continue to grow, we need to know at what level the budget cap would be.

"It makes no sense to enlarge the team now and then reduce staff again in 2021."