Haas ‘happy’ with suspension rule clarification


Guenther Steiner says it would be a shame if any team opposed the FIA’s technical directive on pre-loaded suspension systems and risked a protest come Melbourne.

Earlier this week, as Formula 1’s first pre-season test got underway in Spain, the FIA issued a directive regarding trick suspensions.

Motorsport’s governing body made it very clear as to what was allowed and began inspecting the various teams’ component.

With that directive in mind, Haas team boss Steiner says it would be a shame if any team tried to buck the rules and run a trick suspension in Australia.

“We have got a clear understanding of what we can’t do and we never did that,” he told ESPN. “We cannot worry about it, we are too small to do this.

“I don’t know what the other ones have got and I think this is one of the biggest questions. If everyone has to declare to the FIA everyone has to say if it is or isn’t legal. So I think on that basis we are happy with how the regulation is written now.

“It would be a real shame if someone opposed what the FIA clarified now, to go out there and risk a protest. I think it’s down to the people who want to take the risk, it’s not to the people who go and protest – they’ve got the right to protest.

“It’s the people who try to take an advantage and then accept the protest, it’s down to them. You should not have this, that’s my opinion, it’s been clarified and everybody should be really clear what it is.

“We shouldn’t go in to the first race and have someone protesting because someone didn’t do what the FIA clarified.”