Haas in no rush to sign 2017 drivers


Haas are in no hurry to decide their 2017 driver line-up, revealing that the conversations won't be had until after the European season.

Haas have fielded Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez during their first season in Formula 1 with the Frenchman scoring all 28 points for the team.

And although Grosjean was thought to be wanting to use Haas as a bridge to Ferrari, with the Scuderia re-signing Kimi Raikkonen for 2017, he is now expected to stay on for a further season.

Haas, though, have yet to open talks with Grosjean or any other driver, saying they won't do so until after September's Italian GP.

"We agreed between us that we don’t really want to talk about drivers before the European season is over because we need to see what we’ve got," said team boss Guenther Steiner.

"We’re in no hurry, we know what we can do, we know we are safe for next year, so we don’t have to panic or anything. When you’re confident in what you’re doing, you normally don’t try to do anything radical."

Speaking specifically about Gutierrez, Steiner says it would be unfair to judge the Mexican racer on his results to date as he has had the worst of Haas' reliability troubles.

"I think now even to evaluate Esteban wouldn’t be fair because he had a few races where the circumstances didn’t help him; an accident, the car broke down.

"We don’t put pressure onto anybody and if you start to speak to people, speculation starts, people get insecure and you don’t get the best out of the drivers."