Haas: Stop complaining about Halo


Haas team boss Guenther Steiner says rivals should stop complaining about the development time they have for Halo, telling them to rise to the challenge or get out of F1.

Next season all Formula 1 cars have to be fitted with Halo, a cockpit protection device.

However, some of the teams are unhappy as they were only recently given the exact specifications including information on the loads expected on the chassis mountings and how the ‘push’ test will be carried out.

Steiner reckons they should stop complaining, this is F1.

“Everyone is complaining,” he told F1i.com. “But in the end it’s the same for everyone. Everything will be done on time.

“Formula 1 is the highest category of motor sport, so if you are not able to cope with such difficulties then in my view it is better not to be in this championship.

“Of course, if you have two or three extra months to develop a car, we would use them until the last minute.

“But if the information about Halo is shared simultaneously with all the teams, then everything is fine. In any case, we cannot change it.”