Haas to trial new CI brake discs at Sepang


Haas’ search for the perfect brake discs and cooling ducts will continue at Sepang with Romain Grosjean revealing that they will test new discs with better cooling.

Brakes, or at least brake problems, have become synonymous with Grosjean’s season.

The Frenchman is often heard complaining about his brakes, resulting in Haas swapping between Brembo and Carbone Industrie brakes as they try to find a solution.

And that search will continue this weekend in Malaysia.

“From Malaysia, we have new discs with more cooling, which should help us,” Grosjean revealed.

“We’re hoping to be able to do so [stick with the same discs] from Malaysia onwards, if there aren’t any more delays.

“We have designed different brakes. The whole team has been working well and doing good progress.”

The Frenchman added that while they will be running the Carbone Industrie brakes this weekend, he won’t have an issue if Haas ultimately opt to switch back to Brembo.

“I’ve had a better feeling (with CI) even though I was saying Brembo has made really good progress recently.

“If we had to switch back to Brembo, I’m not too worried. It’s going to be OK.

“I have a little preference for the CI, but again, everyone has been working well together and the team is pushing as hard as we can and it’s nice to get everyone onboard and involved.

“Between Brembo and CI, they are two very good companies, so I’m pretty sure we are going to get to the end of that soon.”