Haas are withholding judgement on updates

Date published: June 12 2018 - Editor

Racing a new front nose, floor and bargeboard in Montreal, Guenther Steiner says he is “not jumping to a conclusion” about Haas’ updated package.

The team introduced a significant upgrade at the Canadian Grand Prix, however, they still walked away without a single championship point.

While Romain Grosjean ran a long first stint to work his way up from P20 to 11th, his team-mate Kevin Magnussen lost ground as he started 11th but was 13th at the chequered flag.

“Romain is very happy, I think Kevin says he wants to see a little bit more on a more normal track, not on one of the special tracks like here,” team boss Steiner said. “But Romain said he was positive about it.

“The data shows it does what it should be doing if you compare the data and this year with the data we get from the aero department we were never misled so why should we doubt that one. In general, it’s positive, but the negative we haven’t got any points again.”

The team boss put Haas’ lack of points in Montreal down to tyres, saying when Grosjean was happy, Magnussen was not and when the Dane got it right on the supersofts, his team-mate struggled.

“We can take away the car is quick but we didn’t have a chance to get it out. I think Kevin said on his ultrasofts he was overheating them a little bit and while Romain was very good on them, on the supersofts Kevin was very happy and Romain was not so happy.

“I think when you start in these positions you’re just put in positions with all the blue flags, the tyre cools down and all that stuff. You just go down in a downward spiral where it’s difficult to come back up so that’s where we ended up in.

“I think in the end when the race started we were about 16th and 17th, something like this. What I take away is the car is still quick.”

As such Steiner says he is withholding judgement on the updates and which of his two drivers they best suit.

“I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. I want to see the car more on a normal track, when I mean normal, it’s more like the next three tracks which are coming to get a little more data to say who likes it better, who likes it not because I think Kevin is normally pretty good in adapting to whatever he does. I am not jumping to a conclusion.”