Hakkinen hopes Aston Martin deal happens


Aston Martin would be a perfect fit for Formula 1, that's according to former driver Mika Hakkinen.

Although there have been rumoured link ups in the past, Force India have officially revealed that they were in talks with the manufacturer.

It is, however, only talks at this stage of the game.

Force India team owner Vijay Mallya recently revealed: "Nothing is done until it's done. I don't like to count my chickens until they are hatched."

One person who is hoping the talks herald Aston Martin's return to F1 is two-time World Champ Hakkinen.

"There's been talk about it for a long time," Hakkinen wrote in his latest Hermes blog.

"I do not think it's totally impossible. The Aston Martin brand fits perfectly within Formula One."

He added: "I hope the deal actually happens."