Halo made a ‘big mess’ of Gasly’s suit


Pierre Gasly’s opinion of Halo was sorely dented when the cockpit protection device ripped his race-suit during testing.

Climbing in and out of the STR13 during Tuesday’s running at the Circuit de Catalunya, the Toro Rosso was left with a holey suit.

He wasn’t impressed, and blames Halo.

“I don’t like it, it’s a big mess to get in the car and get out,” he said.

“I think my suit is already broken, so we’ll have to ask for many suits from Alpine Stars this year.

“Already, it’s only the first day and I have many holes on the back.

“You need to be a lot backwards, to slide in the car. It’s actually quite weird.

“And with all the winglets you have on the Halo, you cannot really pull to get out and touch it.

“It’s quite weird conditions, but nothing really important. I just prefer the old cars.”

But while getting in is a problem, once in and driving, Gasly says having Halo hardly little difference for the driver.

“To drive with it, it doesn’t make a big difference,” he said.

“In terms of visibility, it’s the same.

“Of course you see something on top of you, which is a bit weird, but when you start to drive you focus, you’re just paying attention to your driving and you don’t really see it.

“But to get in the car and get out is quite a big challenge.”