Hamilton admits pre-final nerves

Date published: November 28 2014 - Editor

Doing the media rounds in the wake of his Championship success, Lewis Hamilton has revealed he had sweaty palms the morning of the final.

Heading into the Championship decider, Hamilton was adamant nerves would not play a role in his build-up.

Claiming that he “felt the tension more” during his 2007 and 2008 battles, the Mercedes driver pragmatically adding “what will be, will be.”

However, days after securing his second crown, he has admitted that it did get to him in the end.

“This was the first time ever in a race weekend I wasn’t able to sleep,” he told ITV News.

“Saturday night, I slept four hours and I woke up at 6am, I could not get back to sleep.

“I could not sleep, I had sweaty palms, I was like, ‘this is not normal’, and my mind was going off to all different places.”

Securing his second World title with a victory in the final race of the Championship, his sixth in the last seven grands prix and his 11th overall for the season, Hamilton reiterated that this time around it felt better than the first.

“This time just feels so much sweeter, I don’t know why,” he said.

“I think generally I just feel much more comfortable in my life and where I am and decisions I’ve made, the way the year has gone and how I’m handled myself. All those things.”