Hamilton has ‘only learned from Alonso’


Lewis Hamilton has said the only driver he has learned from in Formula 1 is his first team-mate Fernando Alonso back in his McLaren-Mercedes days.

Fresh from winning a fourth World Championship title, Hamilton has been reflecting on his career but, apart from his first season in Formula 1 alongside Alonso, the Brit does not feel he has learned anything from anyone else.

"From all my teammates that I’ve raced with, I don’t generally take much from them," Hamilton told CNN's The Circuit.

“I’d say probably the only teammate I’ve ever really learned something from would have been Fernando [Alonso].

"It was my first year in F1. After that, I would say I was able to have the experience, so I never felt I was taking anything from another driver.

“I was just always trying to enhance and unlock my own abilities.”

Hamilton also revealed the one major characteristic that has changed him for the better.

“I think I came to the team with a good energy but my work ethic is so much better today, so I would have applied that at the beginning.," he added.

“I probably would have five championships right now, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Losing the championship last year enabled me to be the driver and the man I am today.”