Hamilton and Alonso pairing ‘bit too exciting’


Toto Wolff has again explained the decision not to go for Fernando Alonso, saying while it would have been an exciting line-up, “maybe just a tiny bit too exciting” for Mercedes.

Fans around the world were crying for Mercedes to sign double World Champion Alonso as Lewis Hamilton’s new team-mate following the departure of Nico Rosberg.

The duo were team-mates back in 2007 in what was a tumultuous season for McLaren.

However, in the end Mercedes opted for the somewhat safer option of Valtteri Bottas with Wolff conceding that a Hamilton versus Alonso pairing would have been a bit much for Mercedes to handle.

“If I put myself in the fans shoes, I’d like to have Fernando in there – the old rivalry of 2007 happens again,” the motorsport boss told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“But from a team’s perspective it’s just something that wouldn’t go.

“There’s history, and that year was particularly painful for Mercedes, being the partner of McLaren back in the days.

“Of course, people mature and people change, and it would have been an exciting line-up, but maybe just a tiny bit too exciting for us.”