Hamilton braced for Vettel battle in 2018


Lewis Hamilton is excited about the prospect of going head-to-head with another four-time World Champion in Sebastian Vettel next season.

Hamilton drew level with Vettel after clinching his fourth World Championship crown in Mexico and he took a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that he was able to get the better of him in the duel this year.

“Having the three titles was amazing but everyone was aware there was another champion who had four,” Hamilton said.

“I guess it will be kind of neat to be out there knowing we are both on four and now it is a race between the two of us to get the next one.

“We’ve had our battle through the year, I’ve always remained respectful and I see him as a four-time world champion and a fantastic driver and I love the fact I was able to fight just as hard as him and come out on top.”

But Hamilton is fully prepared that a mentally stronger Vettel will return for a title fight in 2018 after a number of big flashpoints this season.

He added: “It’s not great for anyone to lose a world championship when they’ve been in the lead of the championship, I’ve been there before.

“I think this year there have been weak points he’s shown, pressure points you might call them, and I’m sure he’s going to try to work on those areas next year, and I’ve got to raise my game to reply to him.”