Hamilton claims Monaco win improved team morale


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has expressed his relief after winning the Monaco Grand Prix, saying that it boosted his team’s morale.

With Hamilton and his teammate Nico Rosberg swapping crews in the off-season, the World Champion understood that it was probably daunting for them to move to his side of the garage.

However, the Brit praised his crew for their relentless work in helping him claim his victory of the season and is hoping that their success will continue throughout 2016.

“It’s not easy coming from one side of the garage to the World Champion’s car,” the triple-World Champion revealed.

“I would imagine that is the same when you are given Fernando [Alonso] as a driver or Sebastian [Vettel], that’s just how it is.

“I need to turn up in the car and deliver and because of the issues that we’ve had they have probably felt like we’re not delivering but we have been delivering and I think [winning in Monaco] must be a great relief for them.

“Hopefully this will be a boost at least for my mechanics who have been nervous all year.

“I’m grateful to them for sticking through it and sticking with me and I think from now on, hopefully this will give them the confidence to know that I’m just as strong as I have always been and I will be for the rest of the year.”