Hamilton satisfied, considering circumstances


Going into Sunday's Japan Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton will start behind pole sitter and team-mate Nico Rosberg at the Suzuka Circuit.

Hamilton failed to beat the German in all three practices and qualifying, something he claims was down to having one less race on the engine compared to Rosberg’s.

Last week in Malaysia, Hamilton suffered an engine blow-out and came under criticism because of his driving style.

"For people's reference there's nothing wrong with my driving style. I asked the team and it's not the case, and it never has been," the triple World Champion said.

"My engine has one less race than Nico's, his is probably on its last race, so hopefully it lasts throughout."

On the race ahead, the Brit is still confident that he can get something out of tomorrow’s Grand Prix.

He also added that Mercedes decided to make quite a few changes before qualy but is nonetheless pleased considering the circumstances.

"I'm happy with qualifying," he continued.

"It's been a weekend a lot of work, getting the set-up right, some big changes went into qualifying.

"Considering that, to be that close, I was really happy with it. I did as well as i could I think. History has shown you don't have to be on pole to get the win.

"Nico did a great job and he has done all weekend.

"We kind of veered off on a different set-up this weekend and it wasn't until qualifying I put it back. So some big changes and it's not that easy to go into qualifying with a completely different car, so that's why I am relatively happy considering what we did.

"We are in a good position for tomorrow."