Hamilton: Clutch issue to blame for poor start

Date published: June 14 2016 - Editor

Lewis Hamilton has attributed his poor start at the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday to the fact that his clutch kept slipping.

Hamilton was almost immediately overtaken by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel as the race got underway as he struggled to figure out what was wrong with his car’s clutch and torque.

While Hamilton went on to win the race, he revealed that Mercedes will investigate what caused the problem.

“Clutch warm, and low torque,” Hamilton told reporters. “So I let the clutch out and the clutch didn’t deliver the torque, the torque was very low compared to Nico’s.

“Nico had the torque, not as expected, but still better torque. So my clutch was just slipping. I did the procedure exactly as I was asked to, so I didn’t make any mistakes with it.

“They are going to investigate and try to understand why. It’s not the first time that it’s been like that. They don’t quite understand it, and they’re going to work on it.”

The 31-year-old added that he was glad to find out the clutch and torque issues were not his fault. Despite this, Hamilton is hoping that the problem will be fixed sooner rather than later.

“So having seen that I’m happy that I didn’t make any mistakes, and I don’t think we made any mistakes, but this clutch is definitely catching us out,” he said. “All weekend the starts have been fantastic. It’s just that the clutch is not the same all the time, every time we got out it’s different. Generally, the starts have been great.

“The formation start was fantastic, I let the clutch out and it was perfect, perfect torque, no wheelspin. Came round, did exactly what they asked me to do, and the damn thing just slips.”