Hamilton: Decision making process needs change


After changes made to the radio regulations and the qualifying format, World Champion Lewis Hamilton has pleaded for change at the top of Formula 1.

Involved in defining the rules of the sport include The Strategy Group, the F1 Commission and the World Motor Sport Council, who all come to an agreement in the final process of the decision making.

However, Hamilton explains that they are too many parties involved in the process and that it is becoming rather chaotic as it is having a negative effect on the sport.

"I feel at the top end there are probably way too many people making decisions, who probably don't have a lot of understanding of what it's like in the car," the three-time World Champion told autosport.com.

"All the people making the decisions have different opinions, and if they don't all agree then something doesn't get done.

"My understanding is there are teams with more money, more say than others, and the problem is for us drivers, half of us will say one thing and half will say another.

"I don't know what the answer is, but there needs to be less people making the decisions, and hopefully making the right ones."