‘Hamilton deserves millions’


Niki Lauda believes Lewis Hamilton deserves his mega new contract which is reportedly worth £100m.

Although the exact figure of Hamilton's new three-year Mercedes deal has not been revealed, it is clear it is one of the biggest in the sport.

If reports are to be believed, he will net £100m over three years.

The BBC has broken it down and that is £33m a year, £641k for each week of the contract or, if you like, £66 per minute for those three years.

Lauda, though, feels whatever Hamilton earns he fully deserves.

The triple World Champion told AFP: "The World Champions like Vettel, Alonso and Lewis all deserve roughly the same. They work for the money and they earn it.

"When you see how they drive and what they achieve, how Lewis has been driving, it is really something."