Hamilton: ‘Desire to win title greater than ever’


Lewis Hamilton has spoken about his motivations ahead of the French Grand Prix this weekend.

Hamilton lost the World Championship lead following his below-par P5 at the Canadian Grand Prix, where Sebastian Vettel claimed his third victory of the season.

But Hamilton, who has still yet to commit his long-term to Mercedes, has said that he still thrives off the intense battle.

“There are a lot of different things that motivate me. My desire to win this championship is greater than it’s ever been,” Hamilton said to Paper Magazine.

“I do all of these different things in my life and I have all of these other interests, but none of this would be possible without racing.

“At the core of me is racing, above everything else.

“So much time, dedication and sacrifice has gone into getting where I am today and I love what I do; I love the competition and the challenge.”

On the French Grand Prix itself, Hamilton is not sure what to expect after the snoozefests of Monaco and Canada.

“I really don’t know what it’s going to provide,” he added.

“Is it going to be a boring race like [Montreal] or an exciting one? Is it going to be one like Baku? I really couldn’t tell you, absolutely no idea.

“I hope for France it’s a great one, I really do. I’ve not watched these races so I don’t know what you guys feel.”