Hamilton: Don’t judge new qualy just yet


While many in F1 are unhappy with the new 2016 qualifying format, Lewis Hamilton says how the fans feel about it is what is most important.

As of this season Formula 1 will use an elimination style format with the slowest drivers dropping out at set intervals during the three qualifying segments.

The idea has been criticised by many who feel it will lead to more chaos than excitement.

And although Hamilton admits it doesn't make sense to him now, he's willing to withhold judgement until he has seen it play out.

"What's most important is how the fans feel about it," the Mercedes driver told Autosport.

"There have been some good formats and some OK formats.

"I've generally enjoyed the format of the last few years.

"That's why it doesn't make sense to me right now, the changes that have been made, but don't knock it until you try it.

"I'm looking forward to getting to Melbourne and trying it out, and maybe we'll be surprised.

"It may be really exciting, or maybe it won't. We'll see.

"We'll get there, see how it goes, and then immediately you'll get comments from the fans as to whether it's good or not."