Hamilton: Driving the same, just without problems


Lewis Hamilton is adamant he is driving as well today as he was at the start of this season, the only difference is his car is now not giving any troubles.

It wasn’t until round six of this season, Monaco, that Hamilton claimed his first race victory of the year.

The Brit has a dismal time to start with as he was let down by gearbox failures and engine issues.

But with those seemingly in the past, he won five of the last six grands prix to take the lead in the Drivers’ Championship by six points over Nico Rosberg.

“Nico has been driving just as well he has all year, it’s just I haven’t had any problems on the car in the last six races,” he said.

“I’ve been driving exactly the same as earlier in the year but have not had gearbox failures or engine problems, which has been nice.

“It was a bad run. I had a lot of poles, difficult starts, collisions, gearbox failure, engine failures. That’s it in a nutshell.

“I haven’t had a problem these last few races.

“I’ve finally got on a wave this last six races. When this weekend is done, it is not going to be a spectacular wave in one of the next two races because I am going to take a penalty. I will wait for the next good one. The wave is going to go again.”

The World Champion reiterated that he still feels as if he is the one chasing, especially as he expects engine penalties will come sooner rather than later.

“I feel like I’m still chasing,” he added. “I’ve got less engines so I know I’ve still got a steep hill up ahead of me.

“Whilst I’m ahead, I’m not really ahead, because I’m going to start last somewhere – at least in one race.

“So I’m actually still behind, but very close.”