Hamilton explains post-race ‘unhappiness’


Lewis Hamilton has called for understanding from fans and journalists, saying they cannot expect a driver to be happy when they don’t get the result they wanted.

Hamilton fell 20 points behind Sebastian Vettel in Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix, finishing fourth to the Ferrari driver’s P2.

The Brit was clearly unhappy with the result.

“I think it’s important for people who are watching, and also people who are reporting, to have patience with us drivers,” Hamilton later explained.

“You can’t be happy when you don’t have a result. You sacrifice everything to get the best result possible.

“When you personally don’t deliver and when things stack up against you, it’s hard to come out smiling.

“That would mean you don’t care enough. The fact is, I care.”

He added: “There are some days that are more painful than others, and there are some days that are easier.

“When you write stories or people comment, please just bear that in mind. It’s not a sign I am ungrateful or anything like that.

“It’s just the intensity of the battle, which I am loving, and the team are loving. But I want to win this championship.

“Right now I am 20 points behind but there is a long, long way to go and it could turn around in one race.”

Next stop is Silverstone, Hamilton’s home grand prix.

And although he trails Vettel in the championship, he says he won’t tackle Silverstone any differently to other races.

“I don’t think there’s a call for me to do anything else than I’m already doing,” he said.

“It’s not like the team aren’t on my side or they’re not working hard or I’m not pushing them hard enough so all I can do is try to inspire them with the drives I had today.

“When I go and look at the race pace I was actually quickest so I had the strongest race. I don’t think the points reflect this.

“There’s nothing else I can do. I just have to keep driving the way I have been and hope things get better.”