Hamilton eyes McLaren, Williams revival


Lewis Hamilton has said he would like to see the "magical" return of McLaren and Williams at the front of the grid before he retires.

Neither McLaren nor Williams have won a race since 2012, while Hamilton has gone on to win 33 races since then and lift two more World Championship titles.

This year, Hamilton at least has some competition other than his own team-mate but he would like to go to battle with more teams before he bids farewell to the sport.

“What’s sad for me watching Formula 1 is you see the depth of teams, Williams, McLaren, and they’re not back there,” Hamilton said.

“Williams hasn’t been right in the fight for years – they had that real slump, and now McLaren’s having it.

“There’s a passion with Ferrari, there’s a passion with Mercedes, passion with McLaren – because of the drivers, experiences and championships they’ve had while I’ve been watching Formula 1.

"I hope in my time left in Formula 1 there is a period of time where Williams is up there with us and McLaren is up there with us and there’s a real strong front line of the top teams – which I think is magical.

“I hope that comes back into the mix at some stage.”