Hamilton feeling ‘very powerful’


Life is pretty good for Lewis Hamilton at the moment with the reigning World Champion at the top of his game and happy to "guide" Mercedes.

After winning 11 out of 19 races last year en route to claiming the Drivers' title, Hamilton has carried that form over to the 2015 campaign as he has won three of the first four races.

He already holds a handy 27-point lead in the standings following his latest victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix and it is no surprise to see him in an upbeat mood.

Asked if he is unbeatable, he replied to Press Association Sport: "I don't know what the feeling of being unbeatable is.

"I know I feel very powerful in this car with the package we have, and I feel I'm able to get everything from it.

"I also feel more comfortable in this car than I did in the one last year, and I feel within myself, with whatever approach I have, the power is greater than ever in terms of strength in the car.

"It's like 'yes'. I put the car there and it goes there, I get the exit.

"Naturally you always feel there are things you can still improve on, but it's hard to always pinpoint what those are and to tell the team what to focus on.

"That's what a team leader has to do, and, along with Nico (Rosberg), I'm trying to guide the team, to tell them where to go next."

There have in the past been suggestions that Hamilton perhaps doesn't work as hard as his team-mates off the track, but the double World Champion says he puts in a lot of effort to make sure he "ticks all the boxes".

"Of course I analyse. You can't be a world champion without doing that," he said.

"I remember speaking about this a long time ago and I don't know if people get a perception as to who you are as a driver, but I work as hard as any other driver.

"Just because I do things differently it doesn't mean I'm worse.

"There was a point where people said Nico was a doctor of this or that; Jenson [Button] was a doctor of his tyres.

"I tick off all the boxes, and I've worked to do that.

"The results I get are not only from my raw ability because I study hard, I work hard to make notes about my tyres, about every single thing I do, which I've done since my days in Formula Three.

"Ultimately, I don't care what people think. I just do the job."

With three wins in four races he admits he feels like he is "close to full potential", but don't expect him to slow down.

He added: "That's natural for anyone who has the competitiveness I have.

"I know the potential I have, and whether or not I'm living up to it.

"I feel I am coming close to full potential – although who knows exactly what that is – but I do feel quite satisfied."