Hamilton happy to sway his critics


Lewis Hamilton says it is “awesome” to learn that some of his long-time critics have begun to change their opinion of him and his lifestyle.

Since entering Formula 1 Hamilton has been criticised by some of the sport’s former drivers.

Early last season Damon Hill questioned whether there were too many distractions in Hamilton’s busy social life.

But, in the wake of his third World title, stated that the Brit’s celebrity status was “good for the show.”

Former driver John Watson also changed his tune with Hamilton delighted that he is slowly but surely getting people on his side.

“I think that’s awesome,” the Mercedes driver said. “I like that view. It’s easy to get stuck in your ways, and your views, including myself.

“Sometimes we’re not open-minded about things and willing to shift your perception and your opinions.

“It’s taken a long time! It’s been 10 years! I’ve seen plenty of interesting stories from him [Watson], so it’s nice. I live my life the way I want to live it.

“There’s not a day goes by that I regret living it. You never know when is your last day, so the most important thing is to enjoy and embrace whatever opportunity you have ahead of you.

“Life’s too short to not be happy and the things I do make me happy.

“Every day I want to continue what I do and drive the way I drive. And if I change one person’s perception I think that will be a success.”