Hamilton has a ‘different viewpoint’ to Rosberg


Although Lewis Hamilton respects Nico Rosberg’s decision to retain without defending his World title, he says that is something he would never do.

Last week, days after winning a maiden F1 World title, Rosberg shocked the Formula 1 fraternity when he announced that he was retiring from the sport.

The German explained that he was not willing to give the commitment needed to contest another season with the same intensity that was required to win this year’s Drivers’ title.

But while Hamilton supports his team-mate’s decision, he says the thought of quitting instead of defending a title would never enter his mind.

“It’s a shame that he’s not around to fight to take it back,” Autosport quotes the Brit as having said.

“That’s his choice and I respect his decision. Go out on top while you can.

“I have a different viewpoint. I won the championship the past two years and I gave an opportunity each year to have another shot at it for someone.

“That’s how I am. I consistently believe in my ability and what I can do each year so even if I was to win again, most likely I would give another opportunity.

“I love racing and I love going out there and being challenged by different competitors.

“We’ve been racing for 18 years so it’s not the worst scenario for me.”

The triple World Champion also touched on his relationship with Rosberg, which in the past has been fraught with tension as the team-mates battled at the sharp ened of the grid.

“This year has probably been the best,” he said.

“We kept to ourselves and did our jobs. Apart from [clashes in] Austria and Barcelona, we’ve not had any real issues.

“It’s been straightforward. We will probably rarely see each other moving forwards, living in the same building we hardly ever see each other.

“We rarely pass each other, so I don’t see much changing, except he’ll be on holiday more.

“I don’t know what he plans on doing but perhaps he’ll be around more.”