Hamilton has ‘burning desire’ to win


Lewis Hamilton is determined to finish 2017 on a high note as Friday’s pace-setter has a “burning desire” to win.

Having wrapped up the World title in Mexico, Hamilton failed to make it onto the podium in Brazil as his recovery drive left him down in fourth place.

The Mercedes driver, though, is keen to end this year’s campaign with a tenth win.

He set the pace at the Yas Marina circuit on Friday night with a 1:37.877, 0.149s up on Sebastian Vettel.

“That’s what we’re working towards,” said the Brit.

“I have this real burning desire to finish off in a strong way ultimately, when you finish off strong it’s a bit easier to start strong the following season and I think we’ve worked so hard as a team we deserve to finish with a strong race. Doesn’t mean you have to win but to be strong.

“I think just for my heart. This is what I work towards, it’s been a long year and it’s not over yet so there’s no reason to let off. There is still a lot to gain and a lot to achieve in winning this race. That’s my goal.”