Hamilton has ‘no desire’ for Triple Crown


Lewis Hamilton has said he is not interested in following the footsteps of Fernando Alonso by competing at the Indy 500 or at Le Mans.

Alonso has already had a first run at the Indy 500 and is now gearing up for Le Mans by taking part in the Daytona 24 Hours at the end of January.

But Hamilton believes that Formula 1 is the "maximum experience" a driver can have and does not think other series can match up to it.

"It's very difficult to do something unique and different today," Hamilton said in an interview with Brazil's UOL.

"In the past, there were drivers who raced in several different categories, but I don't have the desire to do that.

"I admire what Alonso wants to do, but for me, Formula 1 is the maximum experience a driver can have.

Hamilton was then asked to summarise his thoughts on Alonso, before have a cheeky dig at the standard of racing in IndyCar if Alonso can be competitive straight away after zero prior experience.

He added: "A great driver, if he cannot win in Formula 1, will look for other races to win.

"But to see him fifth against drivers who are there all year is…interesting."