Hamilton has ‘zero’ interest in Indy or Le Mans

Date published: October 26 2017 - Editor

Lewis Hamilton has ruled out racing at the Indy 500 or the 24 Hours of Le Mans as no other motorsport series excites him as much as Formula 1.

The Brit has been constantly quizzed about his future this season and fired up the rumour mill himself in Japan when drawn to Takuma Sato's special ring for winning the 2017 Indy 500.

But Hamilton has now revealed that it is not on his agenda.

"I don't have any desires to do any other racing," Hamilton said in Mexico

"By the time l stop it could be 30 years. Everything else is a step down the ladder.

"I wish l had more passion to do an Indy Car or a Le Mans. But there is zero, there is nothing. I have more exciting things outside which l am passionate about."

Hamilton did state, though, that he "loves" drivers being able to participate in other series away from Formula 1.

He added: "I've always respected [Indy 500] and appreciated it and I got to watch part of it when Fernando did it, which was super exciting. I love the idea of drivers being able to do more than one series.

"I have a huge amount of respect for those drivers; it's quite scary when you approach those banks at the speed that they do.

As for his future after Formula 1, Hamilton is looking forward to becoming a more regular spectator.

"My whole life has been motor racing so it's difficult to imagine it being out of my life I'll obviously have more time to watch," he said.

"I probably will attend more GP races, and attend more sports that l admire – like NBA, for example. But in terms of racing, l don't think l will do any racing."