Hamilton ‘honestly’ doesn’t want Vettel’s seat


Lewis Hamilton has no burning desire to step into Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari race-seat and has hinted he may end his career with Mercedes.

The triple World Champion has long been asked about the possibility of racing for Ferrari.

And while he concedes there is a certain allure to the Scuderia red, right not that is not what he wants.

“Without a doubt when I grew up watching F1 I saw the red car, it loomed awesome,” he told Sky Sports F1 in an exclusive interview.

“A Ferrari, whether it’s a road car or an F1 car, look awesome. There’s something particularly very special with the Italian passion for that team.

“But I’ve been with Mercedes since I was 13, more than most drivers at my age.

“I honestly don’t, at the moment, look over at Sebastian in the Ferrari and think ‘damn it I want his seat’.”

The Brit says his future, even beyond racing, lies with Mercedes.

“I look at my team, the Silver Arrows, and think I’m a part of this history which I will be for way beyond my time and I want to continue being a part of it. When I stop racing, I still want to be a part of it.

“What I love about Mercedes when you look at Sir Stirling Moss, when you look at all drivers still today in their old age, they are still with Mercedes, you’re with the brand for life.

“They take you under your wing, they look after you, you’re part of it forever. I can’t imagine myself not being a part of that.”