Hamilton: ‘I would have been asleep at home’


Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton said that he “would have been asleep” if he had been watching the Monaco Grand Prix at home.

The Brit cruised in the same P3 spot that he qualified in, not gaining or losing any positions during the race in the principality.

The four-time World Champion believed that it was a very slow race, and that fans at home would not have enjoyed it.

“The tyres were not great but we were all driving so slow,” Hamilton told Channel 4. “I was thinking while I was driving it was not an attacking race, we were just cruising.”

“I will be shocked if anyone was awake at home while it was on, because I would have been asleep on the couch,” the Brit continued.

Hamilton lost three points to Sebastian Vettel in the Drivers’ Championship race, as the German finished in P2 in Monaco.

The Brit knows he is in a much better place than he was at this time last season, as he has the lead in the title race.

“I am so grateful, last year I was down 25 points at this point,” he added. “I lost three to Seb [Vettel] today, and to have only lost three and not more, I am so grateful.”