Hamilton: ‘It’s always easier to catch up’


Lewis Hamilton believes that both Ferrari and Red Bull have produced a greater jump in performance than Mercedes in 2018.

After the four years of dominance that Mercedes have had in the turbo-hybrid era, the four-time World Champion said it was to be expected.

Mercedes have only won once this year, with Lewis Hamilton taking victory in Azerbaijan. Meanwhile, Ferrari have tasted victory twice, with Red Bull on the top step in China as well.

Hamilton said: “I think the others have stepped up. We’ve made a step forward by they’ve made a bigger leap and all the other teams are a lot closer up. It’s always easier to catch up.”

The Brit also looked back to a time when he was part of the chasing pack, during his time with McLaren.

He said: “I remember being at McLaren, it was always easier catching up than arriving with a car that was ahead of everyone else’s. That is what this team [Mercedes] is usually always able to do.”

However, the reigning World Champion believes that Mercedes have more to offer, and that the German team will come back strongly.

Hamilton added: “We’re still the same team and I believe we can battle it out with these guys. If we are able to pull through and deliver as we have in previous years, it will be the biggest achievement the team will have accomplished.”