Hamilton left baffled after faulty start

Date published: September 4 2016 - Editor

Lewis Hamilton was left bemused after he gave up his pole position and dropped down to sixth at the start of the Italian Grand Prix.

He eventually recovered and finished the race in second place, while his teammate Nico Rosberg dominated the field and stormed to his second consecutive victory.

Despite telling his team engineers that he was at fault for the start during the race, Hamilton later revealed that the he only said that to the team garage to put them at ease as he had no idea what happened.

“To be honest, I said that to reassure my engineers who I knew would be feeling nervous,” said the triple World Champion.

“I don’t know what happened, l did everything as normal. I did the sequence exactly the same. I just got lots of wheel spin.”

Reflecting on the race weekend as a whole, the Brit said that considering the circumstances he was left it with, second place wasn’t that bad, while also commending Rosberg for his dominant performance.

“I could see Nico pulling away and l knew from quite an early stage that winning the race would not be possible. Second was the best l could do after the start l got,” he continued.

“It was a pretty simple weekend compared to the last one, obviously the start decided the race then it was just about trying to get back up to second.

“Nico was pulling away and having a breezy roll up there, and he did a great job.”