Hamilton: Merc directive doesn’t change anything


As Formula 1 breathed a sigh of relief as Mercedes declared their drivers “remain free to race”, Lewis Hamilton says it won’t change his approach.

The triple World Champion and his team-mate Nico Rosberg was called before the Mercedes bosses on Thursday to discuss their Austrian GP antics.

Mercedes were furious when the two drivers collided on the final lap of the grand prix, costing them a sure 1-2 finish.

But despite the threat to impose team orders, Mercedes instead strengthened their Rules of Engagement and warned that they had set out tougher deterrents.

Speaking about it in Thursday’s press conference for the British Grand Prix, Hamilton said: “In all honestly destiny has always been in our hands so it doesn’t change anything.

“We are still able to race, which is a positive. [There are] no team orders, which I think is great for the fans – so everyone should be excited.”

The Brit was asked about the “much greater deterrents to contact” that Mercedes had laid in Thursday morning’s meeting.

Asked if they were ‘scary’, he shook his head before replying: “I guess I should yes.”

Hamilton, though, would not go into any more detail.

“Unfortunately everything that has been said is private and confidential,” he said.

“We are still able to race. Obviously in all those races I was – the stewards deemed me racing so we, I would still race like that.”

But if he wants to avoid team orders, which remain on the table, Hamilton will have to ensure a clean fight between himself and Rosberg.

Pressed as to whether he would adhere to them if issued having failed to do so at 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix, he said: “I would, that’s my job, that’s what I get paid to do. So that’s what we agreed today, it’s what’s in our agreement.

“If you go back to 2014 and you listen to the manuscript you’ll understand I didn’t say ‘no’. I just said I wouldn’t get in the way. And he didn’t get close.”