Hamilton: Mercedes are ‘not quick enough’


Lewis Hamilton has said he is going to be "knocking on the door" of the engineers to try and make changes so that Mercedes can challenge in qualifying and Sunday's race.

Hamilton finished P4 and P5 respectively in Friday's first two practice sessions as Mercedes as a whole were eclipsed by Red Bull and Ferrari.

"It’s been a smooth day. We got through everything we needed, I did all the laps [we aimed for] and [didn't make] many mistakes," Hamilton said.

"[We got] lots of information but we are not quick enough. Red Bull are definitely quite a bit ahead and I couldn’t match their time today so we have some work to do."

"They [Red Bull and Ferrari] are both currently ahead, as they were in the last race but more so today – Red Bull seem to have picked up quite a bit of pace," he added.

"I’m hoping overnight [we can make changes] – I’m going to be knocking on the doors of the engineers and pushing them. Yeah… I hope I can get them to make some changes."