Hamilton: ‘Mercedes best car? Think again’

Date published: August 27 2017 - Editor

Lewis Hamilton believes the Belgian Grand Prix showed that Ferrari have the better, quicker car this season after his tense victory at Spa.

The Brit has narrowed Sebastian Vettel’s World Championship lead to seven points, but had to work incredibly hard to hold off his title rival from snatching victory.

If the roles were reversed, Hamilton was not confident he would have been able to do what Vettel did to keep the gap so close.

“Ferrari were ultimately the quicker car today,” Hamilton admitted to Sky F1. “I was just able to keep them at bay.

“If the cars were reversed I don’t think I would have been able to hold on to Vettel like he did with me.”

Hamilton then conceded that Ferrari do have the “upper hand” this season.

He added: “We haven’t made any gains or made any changes to the car for high downforce, lower speed circuits.

“If anyone out there thinks we have the best car this year needs to think again because it’s not the case.

“There are parts on our car which are better than Ferrari and vice versa, but they do have the upper hand and their car is stronger.

“We maybe have the upper hand power wise but we really need to keep on improving the car.”