Hamilton: No plan in place to limit penalties


Although engine penalties are looming for Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver says he has yet to make plans for when to take them.

Ten races into this season, Hamilton has already reached the limit of five for both MGU-Hs and turbochargers.

This means sooner or later the Brit will face a 10-place grid drop as he moves onto his sixth of either part.

“It shows you that in at least two races out of the 13 following, I’m going to be behind,” he said at the Austrian GP. “It’s very hard to come back from dead last in some of those races.”

However, as yet Hamilton and Mercedes have not sat down to think up a plan for when it may be best for him to take the penalties.

“We haven’t made a plan yet I don’t even know what they’re going to be doing or when it’s going to happen,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“I think this engine can do the next four races maybe, maybe three.”

The Brit, though, reckons the best places to take the penalties will be at either the Belgian or Italian races as both are fast circuits where overtaking is possible.

He added: ‘I’ve thought about it and it would be after the break when we have to do it.

“Firstly because this engine won’t be able to go too much further and secondly because there’s a few races, obviously Spa and Monza, those ones are good races for that because they’re the long straights for overtaking.”

Hamilton heads into this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix trailing team-mate Nico Rosberg by one point in the championship chase.