Hamilton not dwelling on Malaysia


Lewis Hamilton has put his Malaysian Grand Prix disappointment behind him, saying he was happy with his own performance and looks to continue it in Japan.

The reigning World Champion was on course for the victory at the Sepang circuit as he pulled clear of the battling Red Bull racers.

But his race ended abruptly when his engine blew on lap 41 leaving the Brit 23 points behind Nico Rosberg in the race for the World title.

Days later, though, Hamilton insists that is in the past and he is now focused on the job at hand, the Japanese GP.

"I feel same as probably last year. I feel good. Excited to get on track," he said. "The weather’s great today, I love being here, so ready to get going.

"I haven't been thinking about the last race.

"Usually when I leave the racetrack I think about a lot of other thing. I have a lot of other stuff going on.

"I was in Tokyo, enjoying my time. I love being in Tokyo. One of my favourite cities, it’s in my top three favourite cities in the world. That’s about it."

He added: "[My performance at Sepang] it was good, happy with it. I hope that I can continue performing like that."

But while Hamilton's mood may have lifted, his belief that a high power doesn't want him to win this year's championship remains in place.

Asked about his post-race comments made last Sunday that "someone" doesn't want him to win, the 31-year-old maintained that he was referring to the "guy above" and not his Mercedes team.

"It doesn’t change, nothing’s changed.

"I just said it appears that currently the guy above doesn’t really want me to… perhaps doesn’t want me to win right now.

"But I’ve made a point on my Instagram so I don’t really have much more to say about it.

"They [the fans] have the right to their own opinion but as you see from my posts, you see how passionate I am about this team and about my guys."