Hamilton: Not here for giggles, I’m here to win


Lewis Hamilton silences his critics as he raced from lights-to-flag to claim his fifth British GP win on Sunday, saying it proves he knows what is best for himself.

Hamilton came in for some stick from the press and fans as he opted not to attend last Wednesday’s Formula 1 demo in London.

Instead, the Brit headed off to Greece for a two-day holiday.

Hamilton insisted prior to the race weekend that he had taken the best course of action as he prepared for a tense British Grand Prix.

And his result at Silverstone – a fifth ‘Grand Slam’ – has proven him right.

“I’m not here for fun and giggles, I’m here to win this championship,” he told Sky Sports News HQ.

“I’m very fortunate that I know what is right for me. I know how to get myself ready.

“I wouldn’t have the poles that I have, I wouldn’t have the wins that I have. I train myself and know what to do to get myself ready. This weekend has shown it.

“I’m really happy with all that negativity that came into the weekend, to be able to perform the way I have – the qualifying lap was so good, it was awesome – and then today’s race.

“You could see the pace I had, I was under control, and I didn’t have any slips or lack of focus.”

Hamilton’s victory means he now trails Sebastian Vettel by just one point in the Drivers’ standings with 250 still in play.