Hamilton: Alonso is a ‘tough mofo’ to race

Date published: October 31 2017

Lewis Hamilton has said he "enjoyed" his battle with "tough mofo" Fernando Alonso in Mexico and hopes there are more to come next season.

Hamilton and Alonso produced a battle worthy of the highlight reel for the Mexico Grand Prix with the former getting the better of his old team-mate in a feistly little battle for P9.

And Hamilton praised Alonso for racing hard and making him work for the position, before stating his desire once again to see McLaren back fighting at the top of the grid.

“I've enjoyed racing against Sebastian and to race against a four-time World Champion,” Hamilton said.

“To have the battle with Fernando, I was like 'this is one tough mofo'.

“Back and forth, back and forth, I'm like… Formula 1, just wait 'til this guy gets a good engine, because the car was great through other sections.

“I really hope for McLaren, who I've already said has a special place in my heart, I really hope next year is a better year for them.

“I hope they have a stronger engine a stronger car, and Fernando's a tough cookie, I prefer that word – and I enjoyed the little battle I had with him.

“I hope we get to have many more like that.”