Hamilton open to guest appearance in NASCAR


Despite his fears that Formula 1 could become too much like NASCAR, Lewis Hamilton says he would consider a run in the American series.

Hamilton recently voiced concerns about the future of F1 with the introduction of Halo in 2018 and the sport’s plan to limit drivers to just three engines per season.

“The fact that these days we’ve got 100 kilograms, the car is going to be a bus next year, it’s going to be so heavy it’s going to be like a bleeding NASCAR next year, so heavy,” he complained.

However, just because he doesn’t want his F1 car to be a NASCAR machine that doesn’t mean the Mercedes driver isn’t interested in the series.

The newest Puma ambassador told GQ: “I’m fully committed to F1 at the moment, but I think at some point in the future I might do, like, a guest appearance.

“But if Puma did it, I think it would look sick. We could make it look so cool.

“So, yeah, I can’t rule it out at the moment.

“I also just want to make an appearance in Talladega Nights 2, and I think I’d have to be in NASCAR for that.”