Hamilton ‘relaxed’ over contract talks


Lewis Hamilton is in no rush to sign a new deal with Mercedes, confident that both parties are keen to continue the relationship.

The British racer claimed the Drivers' Championship title for Mercedes in 2014, the second year of his three-year contract.

And although several key members of the team have spoken of their desire to lock Hamilton into a new deal, the 30-year-old says it is just a formality but one he is in no rush to fulfill.

"As soon as I left the last race, I was at the factory for a couple of days, but I haven't sat down with the team," he told Sky Sports F1.

"But, again, we said last year we're not in a rush. We're relaxed. The team have acknowledged they want to continue with me and vice versa, so there is no stress.

"I'm comfortable and confident and trust that they're not speaking to anyone else and they know that's the case with me."

Turning his focus on on-track expectations, many believe Hamilton is a sure bet to secure a third World title this season.

But as to whether he can match last year's 11 grands prix wins remains to be seen. The Brit, though, reckons that with room to improve that will at least be his target for the campaign.

"I don't think about anyone's expectations. For myself, naturally, and as an athlete I always want to be the best that I can be. So anything less than what I did last year is not going to be good enough.

"But I can be better. There are going to be 20 races this year, there were eight races that I didn't win [in 2014], so you can always get better.

"I plan to drive the way I drove last year but hopefully with the knowledge and experience of last year and the growth, with turning 30 and everything. Whether it's an inch, a foot, a metre or a mile, I want to try and make sure I'm always moving forward."