Hamilton slams ‘ridiculous’ rules


Lewis Hamilton has hit out at Formula 1’s rulemakers for a “ridiculous” decision to make the cars even heavier from 2017.

On Wednesday the FIA revealed a raft of changes that will be brought in next year which are intended to make for ‘more exciting cars, delivering additional downforce to increase speeds and lower lap times.’

One such change is upping weight of the cars from 702kg to 722kg while moving to wider tyres also mean more weight.

That decision has not gone down well with reigning World Champion Hamilton.

“That is just ridiculous,” he said. “They were great at 600 kilos. It was easier for the tyres.

“The heavier they make the car, there is more force on the tyres, so the tyres feel even worse and it puts more stress on Pirelli to produce better tyres. I have my opinions on it and I don’t particularly agree with it.”

He added: “I don’t agree with the changes that are made, and have been made for many, many years, so you just live with it.

“I would say that is a bad thing. I think the drivers should be consulted – I am sure they have been involved more in recent decisions, maybe not the ones that have just been done – but we do have a feeling in the car, we do have some ideas of what could be better, and we know what is not good in the car.

“Some of the drivers have been driving 10 to 15 years, and have been through all the different rule changes and know which ones work, and which ones didn’t.

“We need some more battles. I don’t know what the answer is but whatever the decisions they have been making, have not been working for some time.”

As for changes to the new qualifying format, which will see drivers elimated during the sessions rather than only at the end, the Mercedes driver is hoping it will prove more exciting but isn’t banking on that happening.

“I don’t really feel like it’s going to change much to be honest with you, but I hope it’s a surprise for us all,” he said.

“Generally the format is the same, but it just puts more focus on ensuring you get your laps in, and it keeps people out, making sure they are out all the time.

“Hopefully it will be good for spectators maybe.”