Hamilton slams yellow kerbs


Pole sitter Lewis Hamilton has slammed the yellow kerbs on the Red Bull Ring ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, calling them dangerous for drivers.

The yellow kerbs, put in place to restrict drivers from going wide off the track, are higher than the normal kerbs, which makes the car unbalanced when they drive over it.

The brightly coloured kerbs was the cause of various incidents across the grid. Drivers that fell victim to them were Nico Rosberg, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Daniil Kvyat, who all had broken their suspensions after driving over them.

Despite agreeing that the FIA have the right intentions of not wanting the drivers to run wide, the World Champion questions whether or not the yellow kerbs are a viable solution.

“I can’t speak for the other drivers but from me looking at it, those yellow kerbs are quite dangerous,” Hamilton said.

“We’ve seen a couple of incidents already. I don’t know how many more it’s going to take before a car ends up in the wall and perhaps someone gets hurt.

“I’m sure [race director] Charlie [Whiting] and the FIA are looking at it but it’s definitely an area we can improve.

“I think the idea’s good because they don’t want us running wide and using the outside of the circuit but perhaps another solution is going to be needed.”

Verstappen though, who twice broke his car on the kerbs in question on Friday,  confirmed that at the drivers’ briefing none of them considered a real issue.

“All the drivers were very happy with the kerbs, so maybe now they’re not so happy some of them,” said Verstappen.

“Definitely in turn eight, that one is pretty dangerous as you could see with the crash of Daniil.”