Hamilton: Nothing between Merc and Ferrari


Lewis Hamilton does not feel Mercedes have taken the early lead ahead of Ferrari in this season's development race.

Mercedes unleashed a new-look W08 with significant changes to the nose and floor, and set a very early marker in Spain with a 1-2 finish in both FP1 and FP2.

But Hamilton believes Ferrari have also brought a decent upgrade package with them to the Circuit de Catalunya.

"It is definitely a step forward," Hamilton initially said of the Mercedes upgrade.

"Everyone worked very hard to bring the upgrade here, as every team did but they have done a great job to put the car package to move forward in this fight to make us stronger for this battle.

"I think we've all stepped forwards so I don't think it's really changed anything, the gap looks like it's within a tenth between us and Ferrari which is the same as last race, we've both made pretty much an identical step."