Hamilton: There is only room for one number one


Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton believes there is only room for one number one driver within the Mercedes team.

While the Brackley-based team has enjoyed much success the past two seasons, the constant spats between drivers' Nico Rosberg and Hamilton have arguably made as many headlines as their victories.

The squabbles have forced Mercedes boss Toto Wolff to issue multiple warnings to the pair to try and coexist, or one of them would face the axe.    

"There is friction," revealed the Brit on the Jonathan Ross Show.

"When l was 13 l went racing in Italy and when l got there he was the golden child. He would arrive in a helicopter and have the best of everything.

"But we became friends after our first race together, he was leading it the whole way and l was behind him and then overtook him on the last lap.

"We're in F1 now and he, more than ever, wants to set the record straight. But there's only room for one number one."