Hamilton to do ‘due diligence’ for Singapore


Lewis Hamilton says he will do “all the due diligence” that is possible as F1 heads to Singapore, a track that negates much of Mercedes’ advantage over their rivals.

Although the Brackley squad have won two of the last three Singapore races, they have been pushed all the way to the chequered flag by Ferrari, who won in 2015, and Red Bull Racing.

It is thought to be a combination of the heat at the F1’s night race and the nature of the Marina Bay Street circuit that has allowed Mercedes’ rivals to mount a challenge.

Added to that last season Hamilton arrived in Singapore leading the World Championship ahead of Nico Rosberg only to leave trailing his team-mate as he finished third, losing to Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo.

This season the British racer, who leads the championship by three points ahead of Sebastian Vettel, has vowed to do all the “due diligence it’s possible” in the build-up to the grand prix.

Asked if he was worried ahead of the Singapore race, Hamilton replied: “Currently that’s not my mind-state, no, and I will do all the due diligence it’s possible to make sure that we arrive there best prepared.

“We have no idea until we get there what the picture’s going to look like but I think we learned a lot from the past but on a hot track, Ferrari are often better in hot places.

“I think we’ll be able to give them a good race.

“I think the car is continuing to improve and our understanding of the car is beginning to… it’s constantly improving.

“Perhaps if we went back to Hungary for example, maybe we would be in a better position today with the knowledge of being there already.

“I go and approach it with a real positive mind-set that we are going to be fighting for a win but if that’s not the case when we get there we’ll just take it at face value and try to get damage limitation, I guess.”