Hamilton urges McLaren to recall Button


Lewis Hamilton wants McLaren to put Jenson Button in the car for the Monaco GP as “his calibre is higher than any other driver” on the short list.

McLaren are searching for a driver to replace Fernando Alonso at this year’s Monaco GP as the Spaniard will instead race at the Indianapolis 500.

Button, still with McLaren as an ambassador, is leading the short list.

“I hope Jenson comes back, it would be great for F1,” Hamilton said of his former team-mate.

“I like Jenson and I think he’s one of the best drivers.

“And his calibre is higher than any other driver who will be able to take that spot, for sure.”

As for Alonso’s decision to drop the Monaco GP for the Indy 500, Hamilton has applauded the decision.

“I think firstly it is great that a driver can do this, I think we should be able to do more than one series.

“There was obviously a period of time in the past where there were drivers doing multiple series.

“I think it is great he is doing it.”

The Brit, though, says he wouldn’t miss an F1 race to compete elsewhere but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other series he’ll like to try.

He said: “I wouldn’t miss out any of the races in F1, definitely continue to do all the races.

“But I’d like to do MotoGP.

“And probably a NASCAR race or something like Daytona 500.”