Hamilton wants to avoid team orders


Lewis Hamilton plans to beat Valtteri Bottas on merit, rather than put Mercedes in a position where they have to consider team orders.

Hamilton is leading this year’s championship by 28 points ahead of Sebastian Vettel with Bottas a further 23 off the pace.

Although the Finn is still in the running – 150 points remain in play – there could yet come a time when Mercedes turn to team orders such as they did in Hungary.

During that race Bottas was asked to move over for Hamilton to chase the Ferraris with the understanding that if he could not, he would hand the position back. He couldn’t catch them, and he did hand it back on the line.

Hamilton is hoping that is the end of team orders for Mercedes this season.

“Hungary happened at the right time, and I think it happened the right way,” he said.

“Valtteri will make his own decisions at whatever point, if he ever feels that he’s out of contention for example.

“My goal is to make sure that we’re not in the position for them to have to do that [team orders].

“My goal is to make sure I do the better job each weekend, which is not always the case, and Valtteri’s getting stronger with understanding the car.”